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Kids, playtime is over (and parents: so is the headache)

Give your car the ultimate cleanup with this high-powered, compact vacuum

Kate Rogers — 3 hours 17 minutes ago

car vacuum cleaner

Do you ever sigh with relief once you put the car in park and watch your kids file out and into the house? It’s all too relatable – because from food crumbs to grime and dirt, little ones can leave a lot behind (and not know or care). And the horror is only over once the kids are gone – but you’re left needing to clean, and that can be a long, tedious task. But with this ultra-powered Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner, you can tackle just about every unpleasant leftover from a road trip or ride home from school.

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Lug no more

You pull, you tug — and sigh in frustration at your house vacuum cleaner. Sound familiar? We think so too — because a lot of people drag a heavy and large vacuum over to the garage to vacuum. But it’s just more work (on top of the work you already have to do). A slimmer, lighter, more compact vacuum makes things much, MUCH easier. Just ask these parents right here:

With such convenience, ease of handling, and high performance, what more could you want?

No cords, no tangles

Go cordless (and stress-free) with the wireless design of this vacuum. Our 100% hands-free design ensures ergonomic, fuss-free use, so you can tackle crevices of the seat, the depths of any side pockets, and the tight corners of the floor.

car vacuum cleaner

High-performance all in one

Our Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner is built with 4000PA cyclonic suction power to suck up every bit of dirt, dust, and crumbs from between the seats, center console, and backseat of your car. Whether your little one just tore through a box of animal crackers or left a bunch of dirt and grass from his soccer game, our vacuum is at the ready to clean it all up. Plus, an internal HEPA filter and 21 fl. oz. large-capacity dust cup ensure top-tier filtration and secure containment of contaminants and grime (so your kids can ride in spotless comfort).

car vacuum cleaner

Illuminated + USB-powered

Tech is all about convenience. And this baby has got it: a built-in power-level indicator uses red and blue light to signal when the device is charging, low on battery, in use, or fully charged. Plus, an included USB cord allows you to plug this mini vacuum into any outlet charger and get its juices flowing!

It’s the real deal

There are many look-alike models of this Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner on the market, but only here do we have the OG high-selling model from its original manufacturer. 

car vacuum cleaner

Stress less about the messes kids leave behind. Our handy-dandy vacuum is just a few clicks away: get it now!

Here’s your chance to buy our Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner with up to 60% off!

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  • Lori Lawson
    13 Jul 2021

    I’ve bought this vac as a replacement for my old trusty Black and Decker Dustbuster. It was not an easy choice, the old Dusty served us well for 11 years, but I am really happy I did it. I use it to vacuum my car and to suck up many kid’s messes. I enjoy well designed things, and this vac is one of those.

  • Margaret Willis
    11 Jul 2021

    This vac is a game-changer if you have toddlers in the house. I use it daily for all the crumbs and Cheerios the kids leave behind. This vacuum also has my kindergartener excited about vacuuming and cleaning up because it’s light and easy to use. A glass broke the other day, and clean-up was easier because this vacuum picked up all those tiny pieces of glass! I also like to use it to vacuum all the minivan nooks and crannies, especially in car seats! I have only good things to say about this vacuum. I highly recommend it and hope you give it a chance.

  • Marilyn Hansen
    10 Jul 2021

    I received this vacuum a week ago. From the first moment I turned it on I heard my grandmother saying “you get what you pay for” and that this would be worth every penny my son spent on it. It is lighter weight than many, but will pick up most anything! Incredibly well designed. Great for kids in a small apartment or dorm room!

  • Dennis Sanchez
    10 Jul 2021

    I bought on sale, was delighted with the quality! EXCELLENT AUTO VACUUM!
    This is a terrific vacuum cleaner! Very easy to set up! This baby does the job!

    I drive for both ride-share companies and make it a point to keep my car spotless and this small but MIGHTY vacuum does the job! A clean car gets better tips!!!!

  • Rebecca Porter
    10 Jul 2021

    Decided to buy this vacuum cleaner because we have a baby and we need to keep our surroundings clean. We were pleasantly surprised with the quick delivery, packaging and the bag that it came with making it very convenient to carry around and keep at one place. The vacuum itself is powerful, easily cleaned out the sand from the car seats, as well as the other dirt form the floor mat. The chord is long, so you don’t have to worry about the back seats and trunk. Easy to clean, comes with an extension to get into narrow spots. We’re satisfied!

  • Alexander Wilson
    10 Jul 2021

    I’ve had many hand held vacuums, but this one is hands down my absolute favorite. The size and attachments are perfect. The vacuum is substantial, but not heavy, and the battery life is great. Now my kids want to vacuum everything in sight with this lovely little vacuum!

  • Janice Knight
    9 Jul 2021

    I didn’t have high hopes but am pleasantly surprised. It isn’t full size, and doesn’t have industrial power. It won’t pick up every last tiny speck. But it gets the job done, and for the price, size, and fact that you don’t need to pay to use a car wash’s vacuums or use an extension cord with an outlet, makes it a fantastic buy, especially if you eat in the car or have kids.

  • Janice Scott
    8 Jul 2021

    We used this vacuum on our cars a couple weeks after it arrived. For some background I haven’t thoroughly cleaned our car in quite some time and this vacuum did a great job on the interior! The suction is strong, very quick and easy to dump out the canister, and the cord reaches all throughout the vehicle. We are very pleased with this purchase. Thanks!

  • Joshua Bryant
    8 Jul 2021

    This is the best auto vacuum I have used. I have only had it a week but already it gets the things that other vacuums have not gotten for me. The fine dust, etc. that collects on the dash and console. This has an attachment that loosens it and then it sucks it away. It also gets the big stuff that other vacuums get, but I can haul out the house vacuum if I want that. The attachments here seem built and thought out for a car as does the design and shape of this machine.

  • Jack Banks
    8 Jul 2021

    The length of the cord is not a problem as my car has 12 volt jacks in both the front and rear. It does a fantastic job in picking up big and small debris (lint, dust and hair) alike. Before getting this vacuum, I was considering a large one. After using the ThisWorkx vacuum, I was glad I didn’t. I saved some money. The attachment can get into the tiny areas a bigger vacuum can’t reach. Another big plus is that the noise level isn’t too loud. Cleaning is easy and the filter can be rinsed with water if needed. I am very happy with my new car vac!

  • Jennifer Rice
    8 Jul 2021

    Does job.. pretty lightweight for quik use.. suction seemed pretty good .. all this after 1st usage.. really no disappointments.. plenty accessories plus multiple charging options.. best is cordless above all else..

  • John Oliver
    7 Jul 2021

    Great unit! Smaller than I thought, but perfect for cleaning out our vehicles. We have a Dalmatian and she sheds really bad, but this thing is wonderful in getting all that out. The attachments are a bonus and extremely helpful when cleaning the hard to reach areas. I highly recommend.

  • Rebecca Patel
    5 Jul 2021

    This little vacuum is the bomb! I just got a new car with black interior, so as you might imagine, I can see every little speck of dirt etc. Using this car vacuum, every speck quickly is taken care of. The cord is long enough to reach every part of my SUV, and the attachments are all useful for different areas of the car interior and floorboards. The filter is easy to remove and is replaceable with the free filter provided. There’s also a little brush included to help dust any debris getting caught in the filter.

    You may also wash it by hand. The suction power of the vacuum is pretty strong and with the attachments, it makes the job even easier. I use the brush attachment to get my seats and areas with cat hair, and the hose type attachment for little cracks in the doors, console and between/under the seats. Using the vacuum without an attachment works well for my rubber floor mats as well as other areas. Finally, this vacuum, all the attachments, extra filter, filter brush and super long cord all fits neatly into the zippered canvas case. As a whole, this vacuum is something I love so much that I’ll be ordering a few more to give as Christmas gifts this year.

  • Eugene Lawson
    5 Jul 2021

    Very cool little vacuum. I bought it because I have a tiny bathroom and wrestling a broom or full size vacuum in there has gotten tiresome. This little thing picks up hair etc and Is great for picking up dust bunnies throughout the house In between vacuum jobs.

  • Patricia Stanley
    5 Jul 2021

    Good quality vacuum cleaner, exactly as described, recommend this store. This Vacuum is a godsend! For anyone with kids, dogs, or maybe a clumsy husband… this is for you!

  • John Wood
    4 Jul 2021

    The suction isn’t as strong as I’d hoped, but it gets the job done. It’s lightweight and easy to empty. No issues. I just wish it was a little more powerful.

  • Alice Morales
    2 Jul 2021

    I am contented. This was a striking obtainment with a wonderfully superior quality for such a tiny little money paid. It’s totally what I was assuming it would be. I just received it a couple of hours ago and made use of it at once. As a result of the try-on, I am really thankful and would advise to anyone!

  • Janice Howell
    30 Jun 2021

    I got this early for a Christmas present and I was starting to worry over all the return it email I was receiving and the item was not even opened yet!!??? My wife was a little whinny about it at first till I demonstrated how it works and I like it even tho its her gift and after it demo-d it she was like oooh ah, and I’m like ok! But it is nice and I stated it’s not the 5hp shop vac your used to using and it is better if you have a weak battery to have the car running. I read all the reviews on all of these products and I feel this is a very nice machine that I will be stealing from her to clean my diesel suv with dual batteries that everyone drops extra cheese and french fries between the seats at the drive-in!!

  • Brian Bennett
    30 Jun 2021

    Exactly what I was looking for to help me clean up the odd and end places in my home! Perfect for windowsills, crumbs, cabinets, staircase, desk, laundry room and more! Lightweight and easy to use….I wish the battery life was a bit longer, but it’s not terrible. recharges with usb cable. Decent suction for what I use it for. Easy to clean too. super affordable. With all that said I highly recommend this product-
    Would be great in a car as well.

  • Lisa Reynolds
    30 Jun 2021

    I wanted a vacuum that I could grab quickly and easily and spot clean multiple times a day a thick child’s play mat (used for my young dog) and this is absolutely perfect. – It has enough power to pick-up every particle, but without being “gagged” in pulling up the whole pad or getting corners caught in the open end – as with a standard vacuum. It’s quick and light and I feel like I’ve accomplished some satisfying cleaning even with a couple of minutes of use.

  • Matthew Duncan
    29 Jun 2021

    This is doubtless one of the best, if not the finest deals of thiskind I have ever had the privilege to use. I have the impression it is a good deal. It was received in advance of what was it was predicted and saved me a lot of hassle, since I needed it at an early date. I was pleasantly enthusiastic with the customer service. I item itself, have not spotted any criteria toblame. wholly recommend.

  • Theresa Valdez
    28 Jun 2021

    It does what it needs to do but could be much better. Suction is okay, nothing to rave about like some other reviews but it was enough to clean my car from dog hair, crumbs and dust pretty well. Wish it had a little more suction but seems like it has “just” enough to get the job done. I leave this in my car at all times just in case. There may be better options out there but I haven’t tried any others to make a better recommendation.

  • Amy Weaver
    28 Jun 2021

    I have been looking for a hand vacuum for months but reviews on a lot of products were hit or miss. I decided to take a chance on this one because I liked how compact it was and so far so good! It has great suction power, easy to clean, decent battery life. I mainly use it for vacuuming up dirt and dust around the house in hard to reach places. Highly recommend!

  • Douglas Hall
    27 Jun 2021

    I’m really glad I managed to get car vacuum cleaner online with such a prompt delivery and on such a low price

  • Phillip Phillips
    25 Jun 2021

    I was highly skeptical that this product would be great.

    + The unit itself is very easy to clean.
    – The suction power declines greatly when the vacuum is not even a quarter of the way full.
    + It’s great for cleaning up sunflower seed shells, and other small wrappers.
    + The light on the vacuum is very helpful for seeing between seats and under them.

    Overall, buy it or at least something similar


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